About Us

The best natural drug treatments in the world are available at our treatment centers. The Holistic Sanctuary offers more options for natural therapies than heroin addiction treatment centers or other residential drug rehab programs. We give you the chance to work one-on-one with a therapist, healer, counselor, and life coach who can help you end addiction.

We are committed to naturally stopping addiction and dependency with modern healing therapies that have no side effects. We leave behind the antiquated 12-step programs, toxic drug therapies, and one-size-fits-all approach to addiction in order to achieve our goal of having the highest success rate in the world.

We offer the most advanced healing approach.

Our therapies focus on healing and regenerating the brain cells that chemical substances like drugs have deteriorated. Brain scans of our past clients using this form of treatment show actual results, and this treatment has no side effects.

“Heal the Brain, Heal Your Life” is our motto and we only use proven natural treatment practices in our program. We heal the mind, body, and spirit using “superfoods,” brain therapy equipment, and non-toxic herbal remedies. Our detox process is safe and effective to remove drugs from the body.

Our approach never shoves our clients onto medications that mask the symptoms without addressing the cause. We are committed to a natural approach that never promises a standard course of treatment like a standard rehab. We refuse to use group therapy, 12-step programs, or medications, and we do not discourage our clients by telling them that they are powerless against an incurable disease.

Natural means healing from the inside out, recovery is an inside job.

Illness will find a way back unless it is destroyed at the root. We start by removing the poisons and then repairing the damage. We work to eliminate these illnesses by eradicating them.

Look out for the 99% of rehabs who claim to be natural.

When treatment centers use toxic medications, serve substandard foods, and stray from a natural program, they are doing a disservice to their clients.

You or a loved one can get the best possible treatment at our facilities, where the therapy is 100% natural and treatment includes organic foods and non-invasive treatment modalities. Our philosophy includes the following principles:

  • The use of natural healing ingredients and processes, no medications or other toxic/addictive substances!
  • The use of cutting edge approaches and techniques with the highest success rates!
  • The use of an empowering psychological attitude towards natural healing!
  • The use of acceptance and release in dealing with physical and psychological pain!
  • The use of proactive treatments to curable and reversible addictions!

In order to heal, a true 100% natural based approach is the safe and effective way.

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