Customized Treatments

We offer a variety of treatment options for our clients, depending on their specific needs. Our treatment begins by recognizing that you can be cured, and are not the victim of an incurable chronic disease.

We begin with an ibogaine detox, which lasts six to seven days. During this process, clients benefit from a medical evaluation, organic meals, a variety of therapies and an aftercare program. We also can offer more options depending on the client’s individual goals in our detox centers.

During Phase II, clients can experience a 100% natural heroin addiction cure. During what is typically a 30-day treatment, patients receive all the benefits of our care and also teach clients about a new lifestyle that ends negative thought patterns, helps clients remove themselves from toxic environments, and adopt a new life that prevents relapse.

Combining ibogaine treatment with the natural brain healing Pouyan Method helps to enhance the chances of full recovery to near 100%. We talk about a cure, not managing a chronic disease of drug addiction through more medications— that only creates more problems. We offer a life-long solution.

We show clients that it is possible to be cured of addiction once and for all. We do not believe that people should accept the notion that they are powerless, and we show clients how to take control and conquer addiction. No more talking therapies, no more 12-step programs. At our facilities we offer a remedy that addresses addiction at its core and offers results.