Natural Healing

cta-holistic-healingAcross the country, there are countless drug treatment programs masquerading as a natural holistic and alternative drug rehab center. Since holistic, alternative and natural therapy has become more in vogue, many drug and alcohol rehabs are using the claim to attract more clients. One of the newest styles of treatment seen in a clinic Mexico is ibogaine treatment. This therapy has shown promise as a natural part of the recovery process, and it is part of our program.

Recovering Naturally

There are a variety of natural and alternative modalities available for people in need, and if a treatment center strays at all from these principles it is not truly natural. At our facility, we are committed to providing complete natural care to our clients.

We provide more natural modalities and natural healing therapies than anyone in the field. We are also the only one that uses the Pouyan Method.

We are a worldwide leader in this revolutionary approach that reverses the damage done to the brain over the course of heroin abuse. While other rehab programs are stubbornly wedded to an outdated approach to therapy, we are leading the way and revolutionizing the approach to treatment. We take pride in the innovative way we are helping clients overcome their illnesses every day.

Many treatment facilities that treat alcohol and drug addiction will make claims that their approach works, but none of them can stand up and show the proof like we can on the actual brain scans of our clients.